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Mercedes-Benz C-Class Owners Manual: Overview of the multimedia system

WARNING Risk of distraction from information systems and communications equipment
If you operate information and communication equipment integrated in the vehicle when driving, you will be distracted from the traffic situation. This could also cause you to lose control of the vehicle.
  • Only operate this equipment when the traffic situation permits.
  • If you cannot be sure of this, stop the vehicle whilst paying attention to road and traffic conditions and operate the equipment with the vehicle stationary.

You must observe the legal requirements for the country in which you are currently driving when operating the multimedia system.

Overview of the multimedia system

  1. Touch Control
    Multimedia system button group on the steering wheel
  2. Media display
  3. Main function button group
  4. Touchpad
  5. Control knob
    • Adjusts the volume
    • Switches the sound on/off
      For Mercedes-AMG vehicles with AMG Performance exhaust system:
    • Turn: adjusts the volume
    • Press: switches the multimedia system on/off
  6. button
    • Switches multimedia system on/off
      For Mercedes-AMG vehicles with AMG Performance exhaust system:
    • Sets the volume of the AMG Performance exhaust system
  7. Controller

Notes on the media display

NOTE Scratches on the display
The display has a highly sensitive, high-gloss surface. There is a risk of it becoming scratched.
  • Avoid touching the display.
  • Observe the notes on cleaning.

Observe the notes on caring for the interior.

Automatic temperature-controlled switch-off feature: if the temperature is too high, the brightness is initially reduced automatically. The display may then switch off completely for a while.

If you are wearing polarized sunglasses, it may be difficult to read the display.

Central control elements overview

Overview of the multimedia system

  1. Touch Control
  2. Controller
  3. Touchpad

Touch Control

Operating Touch Control

Overview of the multimedia system

  • To call up main functions: press button 1.


  • Press and hold button 3.
  • To call up favorites: press button 1.
  • Swipe down on Touch Control 2.
  • To open a list: press Touch Control 2.
  • To close a list: press button 3.


  • Swipe right on Touch Control 2.
  • To select a menu item: swipe up, down, left or right on Touch Control 2.
  • Press Touch Control 2.
  • To move the digital map: swipe in any direction.

Setting the sensitivity for the Touch Control

Multimedia system:

System → Input → Touch Control Sensitivity

  • Select Fast, Medium or Slow.
    Overview and operation

    Operating the controller

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