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Mercedes Benz C-Class (W204) Training Manual: Lamp unit equipment

Front illumination

Mercedes Benz C-Class. Illumination

Rear illumination

Mercedes Benz C-Class. Illumination

    On-Board Electrical System Management

    Windshield Wiper System

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    Mercedes-Benz C-Class Owners Manual > Cleaning and care: Notes on paintwork/matte finish paintwork care
    Observe the following information:   Cleaning and care Avoiding paintwork damage Paintwork Insect remains: soak with insect remover and rinse off the treated areas afterwards. Bird droppings: soak with water and rinse off afterwards. Tree resin, oils, fuels and greases: remove by rubbing gently ...

    Mercedes-Benz C-Class Owners Manual

    Mercedes Benz C-Class (W204) Training Manual

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