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While driving, pay attention to vibrations, noises and unusual handling characteristics, e.g. pulling to one side. This may indicate that the wheels or tires are damaged. If you suspect that a tire is defective, reduce your speed immediately. Stop the vehicle as soon as possible to check the wheels and tires for damage. Hidden tire damage could also be causing the unusual handling characteristics. If you find no signs of damage, have the tires and wheels checked at a qualified specialist workshop.

Notes on regularly inspecting wheels and tires

WARNING Risk of accident from damaged tires
Damaged tires can cause tire pressure loss.

As a result, you could lose control of your vehicle.

  • Check the tires regularly for signs of damage and replace any damaged tires immediately.


WARNING Risk of aquaplaning due to insufficient tire tread
Insufficient tire tread will result in reduced tire grip. The tire tread is no longer able to dissipate water.

This means that in heavy rain or slush the risk of hydroplaning is increased, in particular if vehicle speed is not adapted to suit the conditions.

If the tire pressure is too high or too low, tires may exhibit different levels of wear at different locations on the tire contact surface.

  • Thus, you should regularly check the tread depth and the condition of the tire contact surface across the entire width of all tires.

Minimum tread depth for:

  • Summer tires: 1/8 in (3 mm)
  • M+S tires: 1/6 in (4 mm)
  • For safety reasons, replace the tires before the legally prescribed limit for the minimum tread depth is reached.

Carry out the following checks on all wheels regularly, at least once a month or as required, e.g.

prior to a long journey or driving off-road:

  • Check the tire pressure.
  • Visually inspect tires and wheels for damage.
  • Check the valve caps.

    The valves must be protected against moisture and dirt by the valve caps approved especially for your vehicle by Mercedes-Benz.

  • Visual check of the tire tread depth and the tire contact surface across the entire width.

    The minimum tread depth for summer tires is 1/8 in (3 mm) and for winter tires 1/6 in (4 mm).

Notes on regularly inspecting wheels and tires

Six marks 1 show where the bar indicators (arrow) are integrated into the tire tread. They are visible once a tread depth of approximately 1/6 in (1.6 mm) has been reached.

    Wheels and tires

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