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WARNING Risk of accident from overloaded tires
Overloaded tires may overheat and burst as a consequence. Overloaded tires can also impair the steering and handling characteristics and lead to brake failure.
  • Observe the load-bearing capacity of the tires.
  • The load-bearing capacity must be at least half the gross axle weight rating of the vehicle.
  • Never overload the tires by exceeding the maximum load.

The Tire and Loading Information placard is on the B-pillar on the driver's side of the vehicle.

Loading the vehicle

  • Tire and Loading Information placard

Loading the vehicle

The data shown in the illustration is example data.

The Tire and Loading Information placard shows:

  • Maximum number of seats 2 according to the maximum number of people permitted to travel in the vehicle.
  • Maximum permissible load 3 comprises the gross weight of all vehicle occupants, load and luggage.
  • Recommended tire pressures 1 for cold tires. The recommended tire pressures are valid for the maximum permissible load and up to the maximum permissible vehicle speed.

Please also note:

  • Information on permissible weights and loads on the vehicle identification plate
  • Information on tire pressure in the tire pressure table.

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    Loading the vehicle

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