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WARNING Risk of injury due to modifications to the airbag cover
If you modify the cover of an airbag or affix objects such as stickers to it, the airbag may no longer function correctly.
  • Never modify the cover of an airbag and do not affix objects to it.

The installation location of an airbag is identified by the AIRBAG symbol.

WARNING Risk of injury or death due to the use of unsuitable seat covers
Unsuitable seat covers can obstruct or prevent the deployment of air bags integrated into the seats.

Consequently, the air bags cannot protect vehicle occupants as they are designed to do. In addition, operation of the automatic front passenger air bag shutoff may be restricted.

  • You should only use seat covers that have been approved for the corresponding seats by Mercedes-Benz.


WARNING Risk of injury due to malfunctions of the sensors in the door paneling
Sensors to control the airbags are located in the doors. Modifications or work not performed correctly to the doors or door paneling, as well as damaged doors, can lead to the function of the sensors being impaired.

The airbags might therefore not function properly any more.

Consequently, the airbags cannot protect vehicle occupants as they are designed to do.

  • Never modify the doors or parts of the doors.
  • Always have work on the doors or door paneling carried out at a qualified specialist workshop.


WARNING Risk of injury due to deployed airbag
A deployed airbag no longer has a protective function and cannot protect as intended in the event of an accident.
  • Have the vehicle towed to a qualified specialist workshop in order to have the deployed airbag replaced.

Have deployed airbags replaced immediately.

    Protection by the airbags

    Status of the front passenger front airbag

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