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Mercedes-Benz C-Class Owners Manual: Doors

Unlocking and opening doors from the inside


  • To unlock and open a front door: pull door handle 2.

    Locking pin 1 pops up when the door is unlocked.

  • To unlock a rear passenger compartment door: pull the rear passenger compartment door handle.

    The locking pin pops up when the rear passenger compartment door is unlocked.

  • To open a rear passenger compartment door: pull the rear passenger compartment door handle again.

Centrally locking and unlocking the vehicle from the inside


  • To unlock: press button 1.
  • To lock: press button 2.

This does not lock or unlock the fuel filler flap.

The vehicle is not unlocked:

  • If you have locked the vehicle using the SmartKey.
  • If you have locked the vehicle using KEYLESS- GO.

Locking/unlocking the vehicle with KEYLESS- GO


  • The SmartKey is outside the vehicle.
  • The distance between the SmartKey and the vehicle does not exceed 3 ft (1 m).
  • The driver's door and the door at which the door handle is used are closed.


  • To unlock the vehicle: touch the inner surface of the door handle.
  • To lock the vehicle: touch sensor surface 1 or 2.
  • Convenience closing: touch recessed sensor surface 2 until the closing procedure is complete

Further information on convenience closing.

If you open the trunk lid from outside it is automatically unlocked.

Problems with KEYLESS-GO

Problem Possible causes/consequences and ► Solutions
You can no longer lock or unlock the vehicle using KEYLESS-GO. Possible causes are:
  • The SmartKey functions have been deactivated.
  • The SmartKey battery is discharged or nearly discharged.
  • There is interference from a powerful radio signal source.
  • The SmartKey is faulty.
  • Activate the SmartKey functions.
  • Check the battery using the battery check lamp and replace if necessary.
  • Use the emergency key to unlock or lock the vehicle.
  • Have the vehicle and SmartKey checked at a qualified specialist workshop.

Activating/deactivating the automatic locking feature

The vehicle is locked automatically when the ignition is switched on and the wheels are turning faster than walking pace.


  • To activate: press and hold button 2 for approximately five seconds until an acoustic signal sounds.
  • To deactivate: press and hold button 1 for approximately five seconds until an acoustic signal sounds.

In the following situations, there is a danger of being locked out when the function is activated:

  • While the vehicle is being tow started/ pushed.
  • The vehicle is being tested on the dynamometer.

Locking/unlocking the driver's door with the emergency key

If you wish to lock the vehicle entirely using the emergency key, first press the button for locking from the inside while the driver's door is open. Then proceed to lock the driver's door using the emergency key.


  • Insert the emergency key as far as it will go into opening 1 in the cover.
  • Pull and hold the door handle.
  • Pull the cover on the emergency key as straight as possible away from the vehicle until it releases.
  • Release the door handle.


  • To unlock: turn the emergency key counterclockwise to position 1.
  • To lock: turn the emergency key clockwise to position 1.
  • Carefully press the cover onto the lock cylinder until it engages and is seated firmly.


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