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Mercedes-Benz C-Class Owners Manual: Roller sun blinds

Extending the rear side window roller sunblinds

NOTE Damage to the inertia reel due to it snapping back
If suddenly snapped back, the inertia reel may be damaged.
  • Always move the roller sun blind by hand.
  • Do not drive with the roller sun blind hooked in and side windows opened at the same time.

Roller sun blinds

  • Pull the roller sunblind out by tab 1 and hook it onto brackets 2 at the top of the window.

Extending/retracting the rear window roller sunblind

WARNING Risk of entrapment when extending or retracting the roller sun blind
Body parts could become entrapped in the sweep of the roller sun blind when it is being extended or retracted.
  • Make sure that no body parts are in the sweep of the roller sun blind when it is being extended or retracted.
  • If someone becomes trapped, briefly press the button again.

    The opening or closing process is briefly stopped. The roller sun blind then returns to its starting position.


NOTE Damage caused by objects
  • Make sure that the roller sun blind can move freely.

Roller sun blinds

  • To extend or retract: press button 1.
    HANDS-FREE ACCESS function

    Side windows

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