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WARNING Risk of becoming trapped if the seats are adjusted by children
Children could become trapped if they adjust the seats, particularly when unattended.
  • When leaving the vehicle, always take the SmartKey with you and lock the vehicle.
  • Never leave children unattended in the vehicle.

The seats can be adjusted when the ignition is switched off.

WARNING Risk of becoming trapped when adjusting the seats
When you adjust a seat, you or other vehicle occupants could become trapped, e.g. on the seat guide rail.
  • When adjusting a seat, make sure that no one has any body parts in the sweep of the seat.

Observe the safety notes on "Airbags" and "Children in the vehicle".

WARNING Risk of accident due to the driver's seat not being engaged
If the driver's seat is not engaged, it could move unexpectedly while the vehicle is in motion.

This could cause you to lose control of the vehicle.

  • Always make sure that the driver's seat is engaged before starting the vehicle.


WARNING Risk of becoming trapped if the seat height is adjusted carelessly
If you adjust the seat height carelessly, you or other vehicle occupants could be trapped and thereby injured.

Children in particular could accidentally press the electrical seat adjustment buttons and become trapped.

  • While moving the seats, make sure that hands or other body parts do not get under the lever assembly of the seat adjustment system.


WARNING Risk of injury due to head restraints which are not installed or are adjusted incorrectly
If head restraints are not installed or are adjusted incorrectly, the head restraints cannot provide protection as intended.

There is an increased risk of injury in the head and neck area, e.g. in the event of an accident or when braking.

  • Always drive with the head restraints installed.
  • Before driving off, make sure for every vehicle occupant that the center of the head restraint supports the back of the head at about eye level.

Do not interchange the head restraints of the front and rear seats. Otherwise, you will not be able to adjust the height and angle of the head restraints correctly.

Adjust the head restraint fore-and-aft position so that it is as close as possible to the back of your head.

WARNING Risk of injury or death due to incorrect seat position
The seat belt does not offer the intended level of protection if you have not moved the seat backrest to an almost vertical position.

When braking or in the event of an accident, you could slide underneath the seat belt and sustain abdominal or neck injuries, for example.

  • Adjust the seat properly before beginning your journey.
  • Always ensure that the seat backrest is in an almost vertical position and that the shoulder section of your seat belt is routed across the center of your shoulder.


  1. Seat backrest inclination
  2. Seat height
  3. Seat cushion inclination
  4. Seat fore-and-aft position


  • To adjust the seat cushion length: lift lever 1 and slide the front section of the seat cushion forwards or backwards.
    Adjusting the front seat mechanically and electrically (without Seat Comfort Package)

    Adjusting the front seat electrically

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