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Mercedes-Benz C-Class Owners Manual: Destination

Saving the current vehicle position

Multimedia system:  Navigation

  • If the map is displayed in full screen mode, press the central control element.

    The map menu appears.

  • Select 1 on the map menu.

    The current vehicle position is saved to the "Previous destinations" memory.

Storing a map position

Multimedia system: Navigation

The map is in full-screen mode.

  • Press the Touch Control, the controller or the touchpad.
  • Select "move map" in map menu 2.
  • Select a position on the map.

    If multiple entries are available for a map position, a list appears.

  • Highlight an entry.
  • SelectStore in "Previous Destinations" .

    The map position is saved to the "Previous destinations" memory.

Editing the previous destinations

Multimedia system: Navigation → Previous and Other Destinations → Previous Destinations

  • Highlight one of the previous destinations.
  • To save as a favorite: select Save My Favorite .

    The favorites are displayed.

  • Move the favorite to the desired position.

    If a favorite has already been added at this position, it will be overwritten.

  • To save as "Home" address: select Save as "Home" .
  • To save as "Work" address: select Save as "Work" .
  • To delete a single or all destinations: select Delete or Delete All.

    A prompt appears.

  • Select Yes.
  • To display destination information: select Details.

Using external destinations

External destinations can be received from the following sources:

  • Mercedes-Benz Apps
  • Door-to-door navigation with Companion app (USA)

Received destinations are saved in the previous destinations.

A prompt appears on the media display.

  • A destination has been received without picture information: select Yes.
  • If route guidance is not active, select Start Route Guidance.

    The route to the destination is calculated.

    The map shows the route. Route guidance then begins.


  • If route guidance is active, select Start New Route Guidance or Set as Next Way Point.

    Start New Route Guidance: the received destination address is set as a new destination.

    The previous destinations and intermediate destinations are deleted. Route guidance to the new destination begins.

    Set as Next Way Point: the received destination address is set as the next intermediate destination. Route guidance begins.

  • A destination has been received with picture information: select Start Route Guidance.

    Route guidance starts.

    Route guidance

    Route guidance with current traffic reports

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