Mercedes-Benz C-Class Manuals


Mercedes-Benz C-Class Owners Manual

      L At a glance
      L Digital Operator's Manual
      L General notes
           L Protecting the environment
           L Genuine Mercedes-Benz parts
           L Service and vehicle operation
           L Operating safety
           L Diagnostics connection
           L Data storage
      L Occupant safety
           L Restraint system
           L Seat belts
                L Protection provided by the seat belt
                L Reduced seat belt protection
                L Fastening and adjusting the seat belts
           L Airbags
                L Overview of airbags
                L Protection by the airbags
                L Limited protection from airbags
                L Status of the front passenger front airbag
           L PRE-SAFE system
           L Safely transporting children in the vehicle
                L Always observe when children are traveling in the vehicle
                L Detecting risks, avoiding danger
                L Activating/deactivating the seat belt's child special seat belt retractor
                L Installing the LATCH-type (ISOFIX) child restraint system on the rear seat
                L Securing Top Tether
                L Securing the child restraint system with the seat belt
                L Child safety locks
      L Opening and closing
           L SmartKey
           L Doors
           L Trunk
                L Opening the trunk lid
                L Closing the trunk lid
                L HANDS-FREE ACCESS function
           L Roller sun blinds
           L Side windows
                L Opening and closing the side windows
                L Convenience opening (ventilating the vehicle before starting a journey)
                L Convenience closing (closing the vehicle from outside)
           L Sliding sunroof
                L Opening and closing the sliding sunroof
                L Automatic functions of the sliding sunroof
                L Problems with the sliding sunroof
           L Anti-theft protection
      L Seats and stowing
           L Notes on the correct driver's seat position
           L Seats
                L Adjusting the front seat mechanically and electrically (without Seat Comfort Package)
                L Adjusting the front seat mechanically and electrically
                L Adjusting the front seat electrically
                L Head restraints
                L Switching the seat heating on/off
           L Steering wheel 
           L Easy entry and exit feature
           L Operating the memory function
           L Stowage areas
                L Notes on loading the vehicle
                L Stowage spaces in the vehicle interior
                L Through-loading feature in the rear bench seat
                L Hooking in the parcel net
                L EASY-PACK trunk box
                L Attaching the roof carrier
           L Cup holder
           L Ashtray and cigarette lighter
           L Sockets
           L Wireless charging of the mobile phone and connection with the exterior antenna
      L Light and visibility
           L Exterior lighting
           L Interior lighting
           L Changing bulbs (only for vehicles with halogen headlamps)
           L Windshield wiper and windshield washer system
           L Mirrors
                L Operating the outside mirrors
                L Automatic anti-glare mirrors function
      L Climate control
           L Overview of climate control systems
           L Operating the climate control system
      L Driving and parking
           L Driving
                L Switching the power supply or ignition on without starting the engine
                L Starting the vehicle
                L Starting the vehicle via Remote Online services
                L Breaking-in notes
                L ECO start/stop function
                L ECO display function
           L DYNAMIC SELECT switch
           L Automatic transmission
                L DIRECT SELECT lever
                L Manual gearshifting
           L Refueling
           L Parking
                L Parking the vehicle
                L Garage door opener
                L Electric parking brake
                L Standby mode (extension of the starter battery's period out of use)
           L Driving and driving safety systems
                L Function of ABS (Anti-lock Braking System)
                L Function of ESP (Electronic Stability Program)
                L Function of Active Brake Assist
                L Speed control cruise control
                L Active Distance Assist DISTRONIC
                L Function of Active Speed Limit Assist
                L Function of route-based speed adaptation
                L Active Steering Assist
                L Overview of Active Distance Assist DISTRONIC displays in the instrument cluster
                L HOLD function
                L AIRMATIC
                L Parking Assist PARKTRONIC
                L Reversing camera
                L 360º camera
                L Active Parking Assist
                L ATTENTION ASSIST
                L Traffic Sign Assist
                L Blind Spot Assist and Active Blind Spot Assist with exit warning
                L Active Lane Keeping Assist
      L Instrument Display and on-board computer
           L Instrument Display overview
           L Operating the on-board computer
           L Setting the additional value range
           L Overview of displays on the multifunction display
           L Menus and submenus
           L Head-up Display
      L Voice Control System
           L Notes on operating safety
           L Operation
           L Using the Voice Control System effectively
           L Essential voice commands
      L Multimedia system
           L Overview and operation
                L Overview of the multimedia system
                L Operating the controller
                L Favorites
                L Entering characters
           L System settings 
                L Display
                L Time and date
                L Bluetooth
                L Wi-Fi
                L Managing COMAND Touch devices
                L Data import and export
                L Activating/deactivating PIN protection
                L User profile
                L Software update
           L Fit & Healthy
           L Navigation
                L Switching navigation on
                L Destination entry
                L Route
                L Route guidance
                L Destination
                L Route guidance with current traffic reports
                L Map and compass
           L Telephone
           L Radio
      L Maintenance and care
           L ASSYST PLUS service interval display 
           L Engine compartment
                L Opening/closing the hood
                L Engine oil
                L Checking coolant level
                L Adding washer fluid to the windshield washer system
           L Cleaning and care
                L Information on washing the vehicle in a car wash
                L Information on using a power washer
                L Notes on paintwork/matte finish paintwork care
      L Breakdown assistance
           L Emergency
           L Flat tire
                L Notes on flat tires
                L Using the TIREFIT kit
           L Battery (vehicle)
                L Notes on the 12 V battery
                L Notes on starting assistance and on charging the 12 V battery
                L Starting assistance and charging the 12 V battery
           L Tow starting or towing away
           L Electrical fuses
                L Notes on electrical fuses
                L Opening and closing the fuse box in the engine compartment
      L Wheels and tires
           L Notes on noise or unusual handling characteristics
           L Notes on snow chains
           L Tire pressure
                L Notes on tire pressure
                L Tire pressure table
                L Tire pressure monitoring system
                L Tire pressure loss warning system
           L Loading the vehicle
                L Notes on Tire and Loading Information placard
                L Determining the maximum permissible load
                L Calculation example for determining the maximum load
           L Tire labeling
                L Overview of tire labeling
                L Tire Quality Grading
                L DOT, Tire Identification Number (TIN)
                L Tire size designation, load-bearing capacity, speed rating and load index
           L Definition of terms for tires and loading
           L Changing a wheel
                L Notes on selecting, installing and replacing tires
                L Notes on rotating wheels
                L Overview of the tire-change tool kit
                L Removing and installing hub caps
                L Raising the vehicle when changing a wheel
                L Removing a wheel
                L Mounting a new wheel
                L Lowering the vehicle after a wheel change
      L Technical data
           L Vehicle electronics
           L Vehicle identification plate, VIN and engine number overview
           L Operating fluids
                L Notes on operating fluids
                L Fuel
                L Engine oil
                L Coolant
                L Refrigerant
      L Display messages and warning/indicator lamps
           L Display messages
                L Introduction
                L Safety systems
                L Driving systems
                L Engine
                L Transmission
                L Lights
           L Warning and indicator lamps
                L Overview of warning and indicator lamps
                L Safety systems
                L Engine

Total pages: 229

Mercedes-Benz C-Class Owners Manual

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