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Mercedes-Benz C-Class Owners Manual: DYNAMIC SELECT switch

Function of the DYNAMIC SELECT switch

Mercedes-AMG vehicles: observe the notes in the Supplement. Otherwise, you may fail to recognize dangers.

Use the DYNAMIC SELECT switch to change between the following drive programs:

  • (Individual): individual settings

  • (Sport Plus): particularly sporty driving style

  • (Sport): sporty driving style

  • (Comfort): comfortable and economical driving style

  • (Eco): particularly economical driving style

The drive program selected appears in the multifunction display of the on-board computer.

Depending on the drive program, the following systems change their characteristics:

  • Drive
    • Engine and transmission management
    • Active Distance Assist DISTRONIC
  • ESP
  • Vehicles with AIRMATIC or DYNAMIC BODY CONTROL: suspension
  • Electric power steering

Selecting the drive program


  • Press DYNAMIC SELECT switch 1 forwards or backwards.

    The drive program selected appears in the multifunction display.

Configuring drive program I

Multimedia system:

Vehicle → DYNAMIC SELECT → Individual

  • Select the individual setting.

Switching the operation feedback for drive program on/off

Multimedia system:


  • Switch Notification for User on or off .

    When this function is active, a corresponding message is shown in the media display when a drive program is selected with the DYNAMIC SELECT switch.

Displaying vehicle data

Multimedia system:


  • Select Vehicle Data.

    The vehicle data is displayed.

Displaying engine data

Multimedia system:


  • Select Engine Data.

The values for engine output and engine torque may deviate from the nominal values.

Items that can influence this are, for example:

  • Sea level
  • Fuel grade
  • Outside temperature
    ECO display function

    Automatic transmission

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