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Mercedes-Benz C-Class Owners Manual: Speed control cruise control

Function of cruise control

Cruise control regulates the speed to the value selected by the driver.

If you accelerate to overtake, for example, the stored speed is not deleted. If you remove your foot from the accelerator pedal after overtaking, cruise control will resume speed regulation back to the stored speed.

Cruise control is operated using the corresponding steering wheel buttons. You can store any speed above 15 mph (20 km/h) up to the maximum speed.

If you fail to adapt your driving style, cruise control can neither reduce the risk of an accident nor override the laws of physics. It cannot take into account road, weather or traffic conditions.

Cruise control is only an aid. You are responsible for the distance to the vehicle in front, for vehicle speed, for braking in good time and for staying in your lane.

Displays on the multifunction display

The status of cruise control and the stored speed are shown in the multifunction display.

Driving and driving safety systems

  1. Cruise control is selected
  2. Speed is saved, cruise control is deactivated
  3. Speed is saved, cruise control is activated

The segments between the stored speed and the end of the segment display light up in the speedometer.

System limitations

Cruise control may be unable to maintain the stored speed on uphill gradients. The stored speed is resumed when the gradient evens out.

Change into a lower gear in good time on long and steep downhill gradients. Take particular note of this when driving a laden vehicle. By doing so, you will make use of the engine's braking effect. This relieves the load on the brake system and prevents the brakes from overheating and wearing too quickly.

Do not use cruise control in the following situations:

  • In traffic situations which require frequent changes of speed, e.g. in heavy traffic, on winding roads.
  • On slippery roads. Accelerating can cause the drive wheels to lose traction and the vehicle could then skid.
  • If you are driving when visibility is poor.

Operating cruise control

WARNING Risk of accident due to stored speed
If you call up the stored speed and this is lower than your current speed, the vehicle decelerates.
  • Take into account the traffic situation before calling up the stored speed.


  • ESP must be activated, but not intervening.
  • The driven speed is at least 15 mph (20 km/h).
  • The transmission is in position D.

Driving and driving safety systems

  • To activate cruise control: press rocker switch 1 up.
  • To activate cruise control: press rocker switch 2 up (SET+) or down (SET-).

    The current speed is stored and maintained by the vehicle when you take your foot off the accelerator pedal.


  • Press rocker switch 3 up (RES).

    The last stored speed is called up and maintained by the vehicle.

    If the last stored speed has previously been deleted, the currently driven speed is stored.

When you switch off the vehicle, the last speed stored is cleared.

  • To increase/reduce speed: press rocker switch 2 up/down to the pressure point.

    The stored speed is increased or reduced by 1 mph (1 km/h).


  • Press rocker switch 2 beyond the pressure point.

    The stored speed is increased or reduced by 5 mph (10 km/h).


  • Accelerate the vehicle to the desired speed.
  • Press rocker switch 2 up.

    If cruise control is activated and Traffic Sign Assist has detected a speed restriction sign with a maximum permissible speed and this is displayed in the instrument cluster:

  • To adopt the detected speed: press rocker switch 3 up.

    The maximum permissible speed shown by the traffic sign is stored and the vehicle maintains this speed.

  • To deactivate cruise control: press rocker switch 3 down (CNCL).
  • To deactivate cruise control: press rocker switch 1 down.

If you brake, deactivate ESP or if ESP intervenes, cruise control is deactivated.

When you switch off the vehicle, the last speed stored is cleared.

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