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Mercedes Benz C-Class (W204) Training Manual: Opening and closing in the case of an emergency

Mercedes Benz C-Class (W204) Training Manual / Body and Safety / Emergency Operations / Opening and closing in the case of an emergency

Unlock driver door

Release and remove the emergency key
Pull the release slide 1 in the direction of the arrow and fully pull the emergency key 2 out of the key at the same time.


  1. Release slide
  2. Emergency key

Mercedes Benz C-Class. Emergency Operations

Insert the emergency key up to the stop in the lock and turn counterclockwise to position 1.

The locking pin moves up and the door is unlocked.


  1. Unlock
  2. Lock

Mercedes Benz C-Class. Emergency Operations

Lock vehicle

If your vehicle can no longer be centrally locked with the key:

  • Close the front passenger door, rear doors, and trunk.
  • Press the central locking switch.
  • Check if the locking pins are still visible on all doors. If necessary, press down the locking pins in the front passenger door and rear doors by hand.
  • Lock the vehicle from outside at the driver door using the emergency key. Turn key to position 2. The locking pin on the driver door will move down. The door is locked.
  • Check that all doors and the trunk are locked.
    Emergency Operations

    Open luggage compartment

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