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WARNING Risk of accident due to reduced braking effect after washing the vehicle
The braking effect is reduced after washing the vehicle.
  • After the vehicle has been washed, brake carefully while paying attention to the traffic conditions until the braking effect has been fully restored.


NOTE Damage due to unsuitable car wash
  • Before driving into a car wash make sure that the car wash is suitable for the vehicle dimensions.
  • Ensure there is sufficient ground clearance between the underbody and the guide rails of the car wash.
  • Ensure that the clearance width of the car wash, in particular the width of the guide rails, is sufficient.

To avoid damage to your vehicle when using a car wash, ensure the following beforehand:

  • Active Distance Assist DISTRONIC and the HOLD function are deactivated.
  • the 360º Camera or the rear view camera is switched off.
  • the side windows and sliding sunroof are completely closed.
  • the blower for the ventilation/heating is switched off.
  • the windshield wiper switch is in position 0.
  • in car washes with a conveyor system: neutral N is engaged.
  • the SmartKey is at a minimum distance of 10 ft (3 m) away from the vehicle, otherwise the trunk lid could open unintentionally.

If you would like to leave the vehicle while it is being washed, make sure the SmartKey is located in the vehicle. The P gear is otherwise automatically engaged.

If, after the car wash, you remove the wax from the windshield and wiper rubbers, this will prevent smearing and reduce wiper noise.

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