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Mercedes-Benz C-Class (W205) 2015 - 2021 Owners Manual: HOLD function

HOLD function

The HOLD function holds the vehicle at a standstill without requiring you to depress the brake pedal, e.g. while waiting in traffic.

The HOLD function is only an aid. The responsibility for the vehicle safely standing still remains with the driver.

System limitations

The HOLD function is only intended to provide assistance when driving and is not a sufficient means of safeguarding the vehicle against rolling away when stationary.

  • The incline must not be greater than 30%.

Activating/deactivating the HOLD function

WARNING Risk of an accident due to the HOLD function being activated when you leave the vehicle
If you leave the vehicle while only the HOLD function is braking the vehicle, the vehicle can roll away in the following situations:
  • If there is a malfunction in the system or in the power supply.
  • If the HOLD function is deactivated by depressing the accelerator pedal or brake pedal, e.g. by a vehicle occupant.
  • Always deactivate the HOLD function and secure the vehicle against rolling away before leaving the vehicle.


NOTE Damage from automatic braking
If one of the following functions is switched on, the vehicle brakes automatically in certain situations:
  • Active Brake Assist
  • Active Distance Assist DISTRONIC
  • HOLD function
  • Active Parking Assist

To avoid damage to the vehicle, deactivate these systems in the following or similar situations:

  • During towing
  • In a car wash


  • The vehicle is stationary.
  • The driver's door is closed or the seat belt on the driver's side is fastened.
  • The engine is running or has been automatically switched off by the ECO start/stop function.
  • The electric parking brake is released.
  • Active Distance Assist DISTRONIC is deactivated.
  • The transmission is in position D, R or N.

Activating the HOLD function

  • Depress the brake pedal and after a short time quickly depress further until the display appears in the multifunction display.
  • Release the brake pedal.

Deactivating the HOLD function

  • Depress the accelerator pedal to pull away.


  • Depress the brake pedal until the display disappears from the multifunction display.

The HOLD function is deactivated in the following situations:

  • Active Distance Assist DISTRONIC is activated.
  • The transmission is switched to position P.
  • The vehicle is secured with the electric parking brake.

In the following situations, the vehicle is held by the transmission position P or by the electric parking brake:

  • The seat belt is unfastened and the driver's door is opened.
  • The drive system is switched off.
  • There is a malfunction in the system or the power supply is insufficient.


DYNAMIC BODY CONTROL continuously adjusts the characteristics of the suspension dampers to the current operating and driving conditions.

The damping is tuned individually for each wheel and is affected by the following factors:

  • The road surface conditions
  • Vehicle load
  • The drive program selected
  • The driving style

The drive program can be adjusted using the DYNAMIC SELECT switch.

    Overview of Active Distance Assist DISTRONIC displays in the instrument cluster


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