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Mercedes-Benz C-Class Owners Manual: Operating the on-board computer

WARNING Risk of distraction from information systems and communications equipment
If you operate information and communication equipment integrated in the vehicle when driving, you will be distracted from the traffic situation. This could also cause you to lose control of the vehicle.
  • Only operate this equipment when the traffic situation permits.
  • If you cannot be sure of this, stop the vehicle whilst paying attention to road and traffic conditions and operate the equipment with the vehicle stationary.

    Observe the legal requirements for the country in which you are currently driving when you operate the on-board computer.

The on-board computer displays appear on the multifunction display.

Operating the on-board computer

The on-board computer can be operated using left-hand Touch Control 2 and left-hand back/ home button 1.

When the on-board computer is being operated, different acoustic signals sound as operating feedback, e.g. when the end of a list is reached or when you are scrolling through a list.

The following menus are available:

  • Service
  • Assistance
  • Trip
  • Navigation
  • Radio
  • Media
  • Phone
  • HUD

The menus can be called up from the menu bar on the multifunction display.

  • To call up the menu bar: press the back button on the left 1 until the menu bar is displayed.

Press the button to call up the menu bar of the on-board computer.

Operating the on-board computer

  • To scroll in the menu bar: swipe left or right on left-hand Touch Control 2.
  • To call up a menu or confirm a selection: press the left-hand Touch Control 2.
  • To scroll through displays or lists on the menu: swipe upwards or downwards on left-hand Touch Control 2.
  • To call up a submenu or confirm a selection: press left-hand Touch Control 2.
  • To exit a submenu: press back button on the left 1.

Setting the design

On-board computer: Designs

This function is only available for vehicles with a Widescreen Cockpit.

The following designs can be selected:

  • Classic
  • Sport
  • Progressive
  • To select a design: swipe upwards or downwards on the left-hand Touch Control.
  • Press the left-hand Touch Control.

    The Instrument Display is shown in the selected design.

    Instrument Display overview

    Setting the additional value range

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