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Mercedes-Benz C-Class (W205) 2015 - 2021 Owners Manual: Operation

Overview of operation of the Voice Control System on the multifunction steering wheel

The Voice Control System is operational approximately thirty seconds after the ignition is switched on.


  1. Press the rocker switch up: starts the Voice Control System
  2. Press the control knob: switches the sound off or on (ends the Voice Control System)
    Turn the control knob up/down: increases/ decreases the volume
  3. Press the rocker switch up:makes/ accepts a call
    Press the rocker switch down: rejects/ ends a call (ends the Voice Control System)

Conducting a dialog with the Voice Control System

  • To start or continue a dialog: on the multifunction steering wheel, press the rocker switch up.

    You can say a voice command after an acoustic signal.

  • To correct an entry: say the Correction voice command.
  • To select an entry from the selection list: say the line number or the contents.
  • To browse the selection list: say the Next or Back voice command.
  • To interrupt the dialog: say the Pause voice command.
  • To cancel the dialog: say the Cancel voice command.

Operable functions

You can use the Voice Control System to operate the following equipment depending on the features:

  • Telephone

  • Text messages

  • Navigation

  • Address book

  • Radio

  • Audio (memory card, Media Interface, USB and Bluetooth audio)

  • Vehicle

Overview of types of voice command

A distinction is made between the following voice commands:

  • Global voice commands can be said at any time and regardless of the current application, e.g. the voice commands Navigate to, Call or Text message to.

  • Application-specific voice commands are only available for the active application.

Once the Voice Control System is started an autocue is shown. Apart from the available voice commands for the application currently active, this also cites example voice commands for other applications which are not active. In this way, you will be familiar more quickly with the available voice commands. The list can be scrolled or it can be operated by speech or the controller/ touchpad.

Information on the language setting

You can change the language of the Voice Control System via the system language settings. If the set system language is not supported by the Voice Control System, English will be selected.

The Voice Control System is available in English, French, Portuguese and Spanish.

    Notes on operating safety

    Using the Voice Control System effectively

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