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Mercedes-Benz C-Class (W205) 2015 - 2021 Owners Manual: Opening/closing the hood

WARNING Risk of accident if the engine hood is unlatched while driving
An unlocked engine hood may open up when the vehicle is in motion and block your view.
  • Never unlatch the engine hood while driving.
  • Before every trip, ensure that the engine hood is latched.


WARNING Risk of accident and injury when opening and closing the engine hood
When opening or closing the engine hood, it may suddenly drop into the end position.

There is a risk of injury for anyone in the engine hood's range of movement.

  • Only open or close the engine hood when there are no persons in the engine hood's range of movement.


WARNING Danger of burns when opening the hood
If you open the hood when the engine has overheated or during a fire in the engine compartment, you could come into contact with hot gases or other escaping operating fluids.
  • Before opening the hood, allow the engine to cool down.
  • In the event of a fire in the engine compartment, keep the hood closed and call the fire service.


WARNING Risk of injury due to moving parts
Certain components in the engine compartment may continue to move or suddenly move again even after the ignition has been switched off, e.g. the cooler fan.

Make sure of the following before performing tasks in the engine compartment:

  • Switch the ignition off.
  • Never touch the danger zone surrounding moving component parts, e.g. the rotation area of the fan.
  • Remove jewelry and watches.
  • Keep items of clothing and hair away from moving parts.


WARNING Risk of injury from touching component parts under voltage
The ignition system and the fuel injection system work under high voltage. If you touch component parts which are under voltage, you could receive an electric shock.
  • Never touch component parts of the ignition system or the fuel injection system when the ignition is switched on.


WARNING Risk of burns from hot component parts in the engine compartment
Certain components in the engine compartment can be very hot, e.g. the engine, the radiator and parts of the exhaust system.
  • Allow the engine to cool down and only touch component parts described in the following.


WARNING Risk of injury from using the windshield wipers while the engine hood is open
When the engine hood is open and the windshield wipers are set in motion, you can be trapped by the wiper linkage.
  • Always switch off the windshield wipers and ignition before opening the engine hood.

Engine compartment

  • To open: pull lever 1 to release the hood.

Engine compartment

  • Push handle 1 of the hood catch upwards and lift the hood by approximately 15 in (40 cm).
  • To close: lower the hood and let it fall from a height of approximately 8 in (20 cm).
  • If the hood can still be lifted slightly, open the hood again and close it with a little more force until it engages correctly.
    Engine compartment

    Engine oil

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