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Mercedes-Benz C-Class (W205) 2015 - 2021 Owners Manual: Notes on flat tires

WARNING Risk of accident due to a flat tire
A flat tire severely affects the driving characteristics as well as the steering and braking of the vehicle.

Tires without run-flat characteristics:

  • Do not drive on with a flat tire.
  • Change the flat tire immediately with an emergency spare wheel or spare wheel.

    Alternatively, consult a qualified specialist workshop.

Tires with run-flat characteristics:

  • Observe the information and warning notes on MOExtended tires (run-flat tires).

In the event of a flat tire, the following options are available depending on your vehicle's equipment:

  • Vehicles with MOExtended tires: it is possible to continue the journey for a short period of time. Make sure you observe the notes on MOExtended tires (run-flat tire).
  • Vehicles with a TIREFIT kit: you can repair the tires so that it is possible to continue the journey for a short period of time. To do this, use the TIREFIT kit.
  • Vehicles with Mercedes me connect: you can make a call for Roadside Assistance via the overhead control panel in the case of a breakdown.
  • All vehicles: change the wheel.

Notes on MOExtended tires (run-flat tire)

WARNING Risk of accident when driving in emergency mode
When driving in emergency mode, the handling characteristics are impaired. e.g. when cornering, when accelerating strongly and when braking.
  • Do not exceed the permissible maximum speed for MOExtended tires.
  • Avoid any abrupt steering and driving maneuvers as well as driving over obstacles (curbs, pot holes, off-road).

    This applies, in particular, to a loaded vehicle.

  • Stop driving in the emergency mode if you notice:
  • banging noise
  • vehicle vibration
  • smoke which smells like rubber
  • continuous ESP intervention
  • cracks in tire side walls
  • After driving in emergency mode have the rims checked by a qualified specialist workshop with regard to their further use.
  • The defective tire must be replaced in every case.

With MOExtended tires (run-flat tire), you can continue to drive your vehicle even if there is a total loss of pressure in one or more tires. However, the tire affected must not show any clearly visible damage.

You can recognize MOExtended tires by the MOExtended marking which appears on the side wall of the tire.

Vehicles with tire pressure loss warning system: MOExtended tires may only be used in conjunction with an activated tire pressure loss warning system.

Vehicles with tire pressure monitoring system: MOExtended tires may only be used in conjunction with an activated tire pressure monitoring system.

If a pressure loss warning message appears in the multifunction display, proceed as follows:

  • Check the tire for damage.
  • If driving on, observe the following notes.

Driving distance possible in emergency mode after the pressure loss warning:

Load condition

Driving distance possible in emergency mode

Partially laden 50 miles (80 km)
Fully laden 19 miles (30 km)

The driving distance possible in emergency mode may vary depending on the driving style.

Observe the maximum permissible speed of 50 mph (80 km/h).

If a tire has gone flat and cannot be replaced with an MOExtended tire, you can use a standard tire as a temporary measure.

TIREFIT kit storage location

Mercedes-AMG vehicles: observe the notes in the Supplement. Otherwise, you may fail to recognize dangers.

The TIREFIT kit is located under the trunk floor.

Flat tire

  1. Tire sealant bottle
  2. Tire inflation compressor
    Flat tire

    Using the TIREFIT kit

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