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Mercedes-Benz C-Class (W205) 2015 - 2021 Owners Manual: Vehicle electronics

Two-way radios

Notes on installing two-way radios

WARNING Risk of accident due to improper work on two-way radios
The electromagnetic radiation from two-way radios can interfere with the on-board electronics if RF transmitters are manipulated or retrofitted incorrectly.

This could jeopardize the operating safety of the vehicle.

  • You should have all work on electrical and electronic components carried out at a qualified specialist workshop.


WARNING Risk of accident from incorrect operation of two-way radios
If you operate two-way radios incorrectly in the vehicle, the electromagnetic radiation could interfere with the on-board electronics, e.g.:
  • if the two-way radio is not connected to an exterior antenna
  • if the exterior antenna is not correctly mounted or is not of low reflection

This could jeopardies the operating safety of the vehicle.

  • Have the low-reflection exterior antenna installed at a qualified specialist workshop.
  • When operating two-way radios in the vehicle, always connect them to the low-reflection exterior antenna.


NOTE Invalidation of the operating permit due to failure to comply with the instructions for installation and use
The operating permit may be invalidated if the instructions for installation and use of two-way radios are not observed.
  • Only use approved frequency bands.
  • Observe the maximum permissible output power in these frequency bands.
  • Only use approved antenna positions.

Vehicle electronics

  1. Front roof area
  2. Rear roof area
  3. Rear fenders
  4. Trunk lid

On vehicles with a panoramic sliding sunroof, installing an antenna to the front or rear roof area is not permitted.

On the rear fenders, it is recommended that you install the antenna on the side of the vehicle closest to the center of the road.

Use Technical Specification ISO/TS 21609 (Road Vehicles - "EMCs for installation of aftermarket radio frequency transmitting equipment") when retrofitting two-way radios. Comply with the legal requirements for detachable parts.

If your vehicle has installations for two-way radio equipment, use the power supply and antenna connectors provided in the pre-installation. Be sure to observe the manufacturer's supplements when installing.

Two-way radio transmission output

The maximum transmission output (PEAK) at the base of the antenna must not exceed the values in the following table.

Frequency band and maximum transmission output

Vehicle electronics

The following devices can be used in the vehicle without restrictions:

Two-way radios with a maximum transmission output of up to 100 mW

  • Two-way radios with transmitter frequencies in the 380 - 410 MHz frequency band and a maximum transmission output of up to 2 W (trunked radio system/Tetra)
  • Mobile phones (2G/3G/4G)

There are no restrictions when positioning the antenna on the outside of the vehicle for the following frequency bands:

  • Trunked radio system/Tetra
  • 70 cm frequency band
  • 2G/3G/4G
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