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Mercedes Benz C-Class (W204) 2007 - 2014 Training Manual: ARAMIS Restraint Systems

Location of airbags

Mercedes Benz C-Class. ARAMIS Restraint Systems

ARAMIS restraint system control unit

The ARAMIS control unit is used in the W204. ARAMIS is a new development that can also allow for future safety-related developments. Depending on the severity of the accident, among other things, it controls the triggering of driver and front passenger airbag, sidebags and windowbags, emergency tensioning retractors and NECK-PRO.

One belt buckle switch each acquires the belt buckled/not buckled status. A visual/acoustic seat belt reminder warning is integrated for the front seats for this purpose (Euro-NCAP countries only).

ARAMIS supports the following functions after an accident, depending on the severity of the accident:

  • Activation of the pyrofuse (via ignition circuit)
  • Door unlocking (in the event of a CAN interruption via front SAM crash sensor)
  • Window lowering by 50 mm
  • Activation of the crash-active head restraints in the event of a rear end collision
  • Digital crash output via chassis CAN
  • Activation of TeleAid (USA)
  • Activates hazard warning system
  • Engine shutoff via analog crash signal
  • Switches on crash-active emergency lighting

Information for Service

The supplemental restraint system control unit (N2/10) has integrated sensors. It must not be removed if the power supply is still active - airbags and emergency tensioning retractors will deploy.

Working on or with the control unit is only permitted while the battery is disconnected and after a waiting time of at least t = 3 s.

Belt status indication for rear seat belts

Vehicles with multifunction steering wheel (4-buttons)

  • in rear no belt buckled

  • in rear 1 belt buckled

  • in rear 2/3 belts buckled

Vehicles with comfort multifunction steering wheel* (12-buttons)

  • in rear no belt buckled

  • in rear 1 belt buckled

  • in rear 2/3 belts buckled

You will see the rear seat belt status indication in the multifunction display for around 30 seconds when you set off, as of a ground speed of around 9 km/h or for around 30 seconds if the rear passengers remove or fasten their seat belts.

*Special equipment

    Door Concept

    ARAMIS sensor location

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