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Mercedes-Benz C-Class Owners Manual: Convenience closing (closing the vehicle from outside)

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WARNING Risk of entrapment caused by inadvertent convenience closing
When the convenience closing feature is operating, parts of the body could become trapped in the closing area of the side window and the sliding sunroof.
  • Observe the complete closing procedure when using convenience closing.
  • When closing, make sure that no body parts are in the closing area.
  • Press and hold the&button on the SmartKey.

    The following functions are performed:

    • The vehicle is locked.
    • The side windows are closed.
    • The sliding sunroof is closed.
    • The panoramic sliding sunroof is closed.
  • To interrupt convenience closing: release the button.
  • To close the roller sunblinds: press and hold the button again.

Convenience closing can also be operated with KEYLESS-GO.

Problems with the side windows

Problem Possible causes/consequences and ► Solutions
A side window cannot be closed and you cannot see the cause.
  • Check to see whether any objects are in the window guide.
WARNING Risk of becoming trapped or fatally injured if reversing protection is not activated If you close a side window again immediately after it has been blocked or reset, the side window closes with increased or maximum force. The reversing feature is then not active.

Parts of the body could become trapped in the closing area in the process.

  • Make sure that no parts of the body are in the closing area.
  • To stop the closing process, release the button or press the button again to reopen the side window.

If a side window is obstructed during closing and reopens again slightly:

  • Immediately after the window is blocked, pull the corresponding switch again until the side window has closed, and hold the switch for an additional second.

    The side window will be closed with increased force.

If a side window is obstructed again during closing and reopens again slightly:

  • Repeat the previous step.

    The side window is closed without the automatic reversing function.

The side windows cannot be opened or closed using the convenience opening feature. The SmartKey battery is discharged or nearly discharged.
  • Check the battery using the battery check lamp and replace if necessary
    Convenience opening (ventilating the vehicle before starting a journey)

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