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Mercedes-Benz C-Class (W205) 2015 - 2021 Owners Manual: Notes on loading the vehicle

DANGER Risk of exhaust gas poisoning
Combustion engines emit poisonous exhaust gases such as carbon monoxide. Exhaust gases can enter the vehicle interior if the trunk lid is open when the engine is running, especially if the vehicle is in motion.
  • Always switch off the engine before opening the trunk lid.
  • Never drive with the trunk lid open.


WARNING Risk of injury from unsecured items in the vehicle
If objects, luggage or loads are not secured or not secured sufficiently, they could slip, tip over or be thrown around and thereby hit vehicle occupants.

There is a risk of injury, particularly in the event of sudden braking or a sudden change in direction.

  • Always stow objects in such a way that they cannot be thrown around.
  • Before the journey, secure objects, luggage or loads against slipping or tipping over.


WARNING Risk of injury due to objects being stowed incorrectly
If you do not adequately stow objects in the vehicle interior, they could slip or be tossed around and thereby strike vehicle occupants.

In addition, cup holders, open stowage spaces and mobile phone brackets cannot always restrain the objects they contain in the event of an accident.

There is a risk of injury, particularly in the event of sudden braking or a sudden change in direction.

  • Always stow objects in such a way that they cannot be tossed about in these or similar situations.
  • Always make sure that objects do not project from stowage spaces, parcel nets or stowage nets.
  • Close the lockable stowage spaces before starting a journey.
  • Always stow and secure objects that are heavy, hard, pointed, sharp-edged, fragile or too large in the trunk.


WARNING Risk of burning from the tailpipe or tailpipe trim
The tailpipe and tailpipe trim can become very hot. If you come into contact with these car parts, you could burn yourself.
  • Always be particularly careful when in the vicinity of the tailpipe and tailpipe trims and supervise children very closely when in this area.
  • Before any contact, allow the car parts to cool down.

The driving characteristics of your vehicle are dependent on the distribution of the load within the vehicle. You should bear the following in mind when loading the vehicle:

  • never exceed the permissible gross mass or the gross axle weight rating for the vehicle (including occupants). The values are specified on the vehicle identification plate on the vehicle's B-pillar.
  • the load must not protrude above the upper edge of the seat backrests.
  • always place the load behind unoccupied seats if possible.
  • secure the load using the tie-down eyes and distribute the load evenly.
    Stowage areas

    Stowage spaces in the vehicle interior

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