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Mercedes-Benz C-Class (W205) 2015 - 2021 Owners Manual: 360º camera

Function of the 360º Camera

The 360º Camera is a system that consists of four cameras. The cameras cover the immediate vehicle surroundings. The system assists you, e.g. when parking or at exits with reduced visibility.

The 360º Camera is only an aid. It is not a substitute for your attention to the surroundings.

The responsibility for safe maneuvering and parking remains with you. Make sure that there are no persons, animals or objects etc., in the maneuvering area while maneuvering and parking.

The system evaluates images from the following cameras:

  • Rear view camera
  • Front camera
  • Two side cameras in the outside mirrors

Views of the 360º Camera

You can select from different views:

Driving and driving safety systems

  1. Wide-angle view, front
  2. Top view with image from the front camera
  3. Top view with images from the side cameras in the outside mirrors
  4. Wide-angle view, rear
  5. Top view with image from the rear view camera
  6. Top view with trailer view (if trailer hitch is installed)

Top view

Driving and driving safety systems

  1. Lane indicating the route the vehicle will take with the steering wheel in its current position
  2. Yellow warning display of Parking Assist PARKTRONIC: obstacles at a distance of approximately 3.3 ft (1.0 m) or less
  3. Your vehicle from above

If the distance to the object lessens, the color of warning display 2 changes:

  • From approx. 3.3 ft (1.0 m): yellow
  • From approx. 2.0 ft (0.6 m): orange
  • From approx. 1.0 ft (0.3 m): red

When Parking Assist PARKTRONIC is operational and no object is detected, the segments of the warning display are grayed out.

If the entire system fails, the segments of the warning display are shown in red and the symbol appears in the multifunction display in the instrument cluster.

If the system fails at the rear, the display of the segments changes as follows:

  • The rear segments are shown in red when backing up.
  • The rear segments are hidden when driving forwards.

If Parking Assist PARKTRONIC is deactivated, the warning display fades out.

Guide lines

Driving and driving safety systems

  1. Yellow lane marking the course the tires will take at the current steering wheel angle (dynamic)
  2. Yellow guide line, vehicle width (driven surface) depending on the current steering wheel angle (dynamic)
  3. Red guide line at a distance of approximately 12 in (0.3 m) from the rear area
  4. Mark at a distance of approx. 3.3 ft (1.0 m)

When Active Parking Assist is active, lanes 1 are displayed in green.

The guide lines in the multimedia system display show the distances to your vehicle. The distances apply to road level.

Side view of the mirror cameras

The sides of the vehicle can be seen in this view.

Driving and driving safety systems

  1. Guide line of external vehicle dimensions with outside mirrors folded out
  2. Marker of the wheel contact points

System failure

If there is no operational readiness, the following message appears in the multimedia system:

System limitations

The 360º Camera will not function or will only partially function in the following situations:

  • The doors are open.
  • The side mirrors are folded in.
  • The trunk lid is open.
  • There is heavy rain, snow or fog.
  • The ambient light conditions are poor, e.g. at night.
  • The camera lens is obstructed, dirty or fogged up.
  • If cameras or vehicle components in which the cameras are installed are damaged. In this event, have the cameras, their positions and their setting checked at a qualified specialist workshop.

Do not use the 360º Camera under such circumstances.

You could otherwise injure others or collide with objects when parking the vehicle.

If the vehicle is carrying a heavy load, leaving the standard height can result in inaccuracies in the guide lines and in the display of the generated images, depending on technical conditions.

The field of vision and other functions of the camera system may be restricted due to additional attachments on the vehicle (e.g. license plate bracket, bicycle rack).

The contrast of the display may be impaired by abrupt direct sunlight or by other light sources, e.g. when driving out of a garage. In this case, pay particular attention.

Have the display repaired or replaced if, for example, pixel errors considerably restrict its use.

See the notes on cleaning the 360º Camera.

Selecting a view for the 360º Camera


  • The Auto. Rear View Cam. function is selected in the multimedia system.
  • Engage reverse gear.
  • In the multimedia system, select the desired view.

Opening the camera cover of the rear view camera

Multimedia system:

Vehicle→ Assistance → Camera & Parking

  • Select Open Camera Cover.

The camera cover closes automatically after some time or after an ignition cycle.

Setting the camera as a favorite

You can call up the camera view directly in the multimedia system by setting it as a favorite.

  • Press the button on the control element.

    The main functions are displayed.

  • Navigate downwards twice.

    The Favorites menu appears.

  • Select New Favorite.
  • Select Vehicle.
  • Select Camera.
    Reversing camera

    Active Parking Assist

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