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Mercedes-Benz C-Class Owners Manual: Time and date

Setting the time and date automatically

Multimedia system: → System → Time and Date

  • Deactivate Manual Time Adjustment.

    The time and date are set automatically for the selected time zone and summer time option.

The correct time is required for the following functions:

  • Route guidance with time-dependent traffic guidance.
  • Calculation of expected time of arrival.

Setting the time zone

Multimedia system: → System →Time and Date → Time Zone:

The list of countries is displayed.

  • Select a country .

    Depending on the country, time zones are displayed.

  • Select a time zone.

    The time zone set is displayed after Time Zone:.

Setting summer time

The Automatic Daylight Saving Time and Daylight Saving Time options cannot be selected in all countries.

Multimedia system: → System → Time and Date


  • Switch Automatic Daylight Saving Time on or off .


  • Deactivate Automatic Daylight SavingTime.
  • Select Daylight Saving Time.
  • Select On or Off.

Setting the time and date format

Multimedia system: → System →Time and Date → Set Format

Set the date and time format .

Setting the time manually


The Manual Time Adjustment function is switched on.

Multimedia system:

→ System → Time and Date → Set Time

  • Set the hours.
  • Navigate to the right to set the minutes.
  • Set the minutes.
  • Confirm changes when exiting the menu.

The date is set automatically via GPS.


Switching transmission of the vehicle position on/off

Multimedia system: → System → Connectivity

  • Select Transmit Vehicle Pos..
  • Activate or deactivate the function.


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