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Mercedes-Benz C-Class (W205) 2015 - 2021 Owners Manual: Software update

Information on software updates

The multimedia system provides a message when an update is available.

Depending on the source, you can perform various updates:

Software update

Source of the update Update type
Updates via mobile phone Navigation map, system updates, Digital Operator's Manual
Updates via an external storage medium, e.g. a USB flash drive Navigation maps

Updates via mobile phone require an active Internet connection for the vehicle. This is not available in all countries. For further information on connecting to the Internet.

Advantages of updating software

Thanks to the software update, your vehicle status is up-to-date.

In order to constantly improve the quality of our services you will receive future updates for your multimedia system, the Mercedes me connect services and your vehicle's communication module.

These will conveniently be sent to you via the mobile phone connection in your vehicle and, as an option, installed automatically. You can monitor the status of your updates on the Mercedes me portal and find information about potential innovations.

Your advantages at a glance:

  • conveniently receive software updates via the mobile phone network
  • improves the quality and availability of Mercedes me connect services
  • keeps your multimedia system and communication module up-to-date

Further information about software updates can be found at

Performing a software update


  • There is an Internet connection.
  • For automatic updates: your vehicle has a permanently installed communication module.

Multimedia system: System → Software Update

Automatic update

  • Switch Automatic Online Update on .

    Updates are performed.

    The current status of the updates is displayed.

Manual update

  • Deactivate Automatic Online Update.
  • Select an update from the list and start the update.

Activating the software update

  • Restart the system.

Function of important system updates

Important system updates may be necessary for the security of your multimedia system's data.

Please install these updates, or else the security of your multimedia system cannot be ensured.

If automatic software updates are activated, the system updates will be downloaded automatically.

As soon as an update is available for download, a corresponding message appears on the media display.

You have the following selection options:

  • Download
    The update will be downloaded in the background.
  • Details
    Information about the pending system update is displayed.
  • Later
    The update can be downloaded manually at a later time.

If the download is completed and the update is ready for installation, you will be informed of this after the next ignition cycle, for example.

Park the vehicle safely in a suitable location before starting the installation.

Requirements for the installation:

  • The ignition is switched on.
  • The engine is not running.
  • Notes and warnings have been read and accepted.
  • The parking brake is applied.

If all requirements are met, the update will be installed. The multimedia system cannot be operated while the update is being installed and vehicle functions are restricted.

If errors should occur during the installation, the multimedia system automatically attempts to restore the previous version. If restoration of the previous version is not possible, a symbol appears on the center console display. Please consult a qualified specialist workshop to resolve the problem.

Reset function

Multimedia system: System → Reset

Personal data is deleted, for example:

  • Station presets
  • Connected mobile phones
  • Select Yes.

If PIN protection is activated, a prompt appears asking if you also wish to restore this to the factory settings during a reset.

  • Select Yes.
  • Enter the current PIN.

    The PIN is reset.


  • Select No.

    The current PIN stays the same after resetting.

If you have forgotten your PIN, an authorized Mercedes-Benz Center can deactivate the PIN protection for you.

A prompt appears again asking whether you really wish to reset.

  • Select Yes.

    The multimedia system is reset to the factory settings.

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