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Mercedes-Benz C-Class (W205) 2015 - 2021 Owners Manual: Route guidance with current traffic reports

Traffic information overview

Traffic reports are received using Live Traffic Information and are used for route guidance.

This service is unavailable in some countries.

There may be differences between the traffic reports received and the actual road and traffic conditions.

Important information on Live Traffic Information:

  • Current traffic reports are received via the Internet connection.
  • The traffic situation is updated at short, regular intervals.
  • The subscription information shows the status.

Information on the vehicle's position is regularly sent to Daimler AG. The data is immediately rendered anonymous by Daimler AG and forwarded to the traffic data provider. Using this data, traffic reports relevant to the vehicle's position are sent to the vehicle. The vehicle acts as a sensor for the flow of traffic and helps to improve the quality of the traffic reports.

If you do not wish to transmit your vehicle position, you can have this service deactivated at an authorized Mercedes-Benz Center.

Displaying subscription information


  • The vehicle is equipped with Live Traffic Information.

Multimedia system: Navigation → Options

The subscription expiration date is automatically displayed:

  • one month before the expiration date.
  • one week before the expiration date.
  • on the expiration date.
  • To display manually: select Live Traffic Subscription Info.

    Depending on the status, one of the following messages appears:

    • the period of validity for the subscription is displayed.
    • the subscription has expired.

The subscription can be extended:

  • at an authorized Mercedes-Benz Center
  • via an MB Info call to the Mercedes-Benz Customer Assistance Center

Displaying the traffic map


  • For Live Traffic Information: the vehicle is equipped with a communication module featuring an activated, integrated SIM card.
  • When the vehicle is started, the communication module automatically establishes an Internet connection. Traffic information is made available shortly afterwards

Multimedia system: Navigation →Options → Map Menu

  • Alternatively: if the map is displayed in full screen mode, press the Touch Control, the controller or the touchpad.

    The map menu appears.

  • Activate.

The traffic map shows the following information, for example:

  • traffic incidents, for example:
    • roadworks
    • road blocks
    • warning messages

The symbols for traffic incidents are displayed in color (on the route) or gray (off the route).

  • traffic flow information:
    • traffic jam (red line)
    • slow-moving traffic (orange line)
    • heavy traffic (yellow line)
    • free-flowing traffic (green line)
  • display for traffic delays on the route lasting at least one minute
  • warning message symbols:
    • symbol
    • additional road safety notes when approaching a traffic incident, e.g. the end of a traffic jam
      If the vehicle approaches a danger area on the route, a warning message is displayed on the map. A warning message may also be issued

Displaying traffic incidents

Multimedia system: Navigation → Options → Map Content

  • Activate Traffic Incidents.

    Roadworks, road blocks, local area reports (e.g. fog) and warning messages are displayed.

Activating free flow and traffic display

  • Activate Free Flowing Traffic and Traffic Delays.

The traffic delay is displayed for the current route. Traffic delays lasting one minute or longer are taken into consideration.

Displaying details

  • Displays the traffic map.
  • Moves the map.
  • When a traffic report symbol is under the crosshair, press on the central control element.

    The traffic report details are displayed.


  • Press on the central control element.
  • Select Information on Traffic Reports.

    The map shows the traffic report symbols in the vicinity.

    Traffic report information is displayed in the status line:

    • Traffic report symbol
    • Reason for the traffic report, e.g. traffic congestion
    • Warning message (highlighted in red)
  • To select a traffic report symbol: select Next or Previous.
  • Press on the central control element.

    The traffic report details are displayed.

Issuing hazard warnings

Multimedia system: Navigation →Options → Announcements

  • Activate Announce Traffic Warnings.

    Warning messages are issued and tailbacks which pose a risk are announced.


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