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Mercedes Benz C-Class (W204) 2007 - 2014 Training Manual: Networking

The networking structure in model series 204 is similar to that in model series 221.

The following CAN bus systems are installed:

Chassis CAN 500 kbps
Diagnostic CAN 500 kbps
Front end CAN 500 kbps
Vehicle dynamics CAN 500 kbps
Drive train CAN 500 kbps
Interior CAN 125 kbps
Telematics CAN 125 kbps

Mercedes Benz C-Class. Networking


A1 Instrument cluster
A40/3 COMAND control unit
A40/8 Audio/COMAND display
A40/9 Audio/COMAND controller
A76 Front left reversible emergency tensioning retractor
A76/1 Front right reversible seat belt tensioner
A98 Panoramic sliding roof control module

B24/15 Rotational speed, lateral and longitudinal acceleration sensor

E1n1 Left xenon light control unit
E2n1 Right xenon light control unit

G2 Alternator

N2/10 Supplemental restraint system control unit
N3/__ ME-SFI [ME] or CDI control unit
N10/1 Front SAM
N10/2 Rear SAM
N14/3 Glow output stage
N15/3 Electronic transmission control control unit
N15/5 Electronic selector lever module control unit
N22/7 Automatic air conditioning control and operating unit
N32/1 Driver seat control unit
N32/2 Front passenger seat control unit
N40/3 Sound system amplifier control unit
N30/4 Electronic Stability Program control unit
N51/5 Adaptive damping system control unit
N62 PARKTRONIC system control unit
N69/1 Left front door control unit
N69/2 Right front door control unit
N69/3 Left rear door control unit
N69/4 Right rear door control unit
N69/5 Keyless Go control unit
N70 Overhead control panel control unit
N73 Electronic ignition lock control unit
N80 Steering column module control unit
N87/3 Digital Audio Broadcasting control unit
N87/5 Satellite digital audio radio control unit
N88 Tire pressure monitor control unit
N110 Weight sensing system control unit
N118 Fuel pump control unit (M271/M272)
N123/4 Emergency call system control unit

X30/21 Drive train CAN potential distributor
X30/30 Chassis CAN potential distributor
X30/32 Left interior CAN potential distributor
X30/33 Right interior CAN potential distributor
X30/35 Telematics CAN potential distributor
X35/1 Left front door electrical connector
X35/2 Right front door electrical connector
X35/3 Left rear door electrical connector
X35/4 Right rear door electrical connector

Y3/8n4 Fully integrated transmission control control unit

    Electrical System

    Signal Acquisition and Actuation Module (SAM)

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    Mercedes-Benz C-Class (W205) 2015 - 2021 Owners Manual

    Mercedes Benz C-Class (W204) 2007 - 2014 Training Manual

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