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Mercedes-Benz C-Class (W205) 2015 - 2021 Owners Manual: EASY-PACK trunk box

Adjusting the height of the EASY-PACK trunk box to any position

WARNING Risk of becoming trapped and injured when moving the floor up
When the floor moves up, your hands may become trapped on the frame of the EASY-PACK trunk box and objects may be thrown up.
  • When the floor moves up, make sure that your hands are not within the sweep of the floor.
  • If someone becomes trapped, carefully push the center of the floor downward.
  • Remove all objects from the floor before moving it up.


NOTE Damage to the extended EASY-PACK trunk box
The EASY-PACK trunk box may be damaged when it is extended.
  • Do not place any objects on or press down on the EASY-PACK trunk box frame.
  • Do not close the trunk lid when the EASY-PACK trunk box is extended.


NOTE Damage to the EASY-PACK trunk box by objects
Objects which are sharp-edged, pointed, fragile, rounded or heavy and objects that roll can damage the EASY-PACK trunk box and be thrown out.
  • Do not transport objects which are sharp-edged, pointed, rounded or fragile and objects that roll in the EASY-PACK trunk box.
  • Always stow and secure such objects outside of the box in the trunk.
  • Always observe the maximum permitted load of the EASY-PACK trunk box.
  • Do not use the EASY-PACK trunk box when the rear seats are folded forwards.

The maximum permitted load of the EASY-PACK trunk box is 22 lbs (10 kg). To prevent the box from being overloaded, the box floor will lower onto the trunk floor when the load reaches approximately 11 lbs (5 kg).

Stowage areas

  • To remove: pull handle 2 on the box.
  • To increase the load capacity: press the center of floor 1 downwards to the desired position and box size.
  • To reduce the load capacity: press button 3.
  • To stow: press the box in completely using handle 2 until it locks in place.

Observe the notes on cleaning the EASY-PACK trunk box.

Installing or removing the EASY-PACK trunk box


Stowage areas

  • Insert retainers 2 of box 1 into openings 3.

Stowage areas

  • Raise box 1 and press hooks 5 into anchorages 4.
  • Turn rotating catch 6 inward.


  • Turn rotating catches 6 outward.
  • Lower box 1 and pull it out of anchorages 4.

Opening the stowage space under the trunk floor

NOTE Damage to the handle in the trunk floor
If the handle in the trunk is left protruding, the handle may be damaged.
  • Unhinge the handle before you close the trunk lid and press the handle closed again.

Stowage areas

  • Pull handle 1 up and hook it into drip rail 2.
    Hooking in the parcel net

    Attaching the roof carrier

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