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Mercedes-Benz C-Class Owners Manual: Data import and export

Data import/export function

The following functions are possible:

  • Transferring data from one system or vehicle to another system or vehicle.
  • Creating a backup copy of your personal data and loading it again.
  • Protecting your personal data against unwanted export with PIN protection.

Please note that the NTFS file system is not supported. The FAT32 file system is recommended.

Importing/exporting data

NOTE Loss of data due to premature removal
  • Do not remove the data storage medium when data is being exported.

Mercedes-Benz is not liable for any loss of data.


  • The vehicle is stationary.
  • The ignition is switched on or the vehicle has been started.
  • The SD card is inserted or the USB device is connected.

Multimedia system: System → System Backup

  • Select Import Data or Export Data.


  • Select a data storage medium.

    A prompt appears asking whether you really wish to overwrite the current data. If data originates from another vehicle, this is recognized during data reading.

    The multimedia system is restarted once the data has been imported.

Current vehicle settings can be edited after the import.


If PIN protection is activated, your PIN is requested.

  • Enter the four-digit PIN.
  • Select a data storage medium.

    The data is exported. The data export may take several minutes.

    Managing COMAND Touch devices

    Activating/deactivating PIN protection

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