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Mercedes Benz C-Class (W204) 2007 - 2014 Training Manual: Brake System

Service brakes

The brake system for the sedan in the new C-Class with the hydraulic dualcircuit brake and the division into two brake circuits for front and rear axle largely corresponds to the previous version.

All versions are equipped with floating caliper brakes at the front and rear.

Service information:

  • The brake lining wear contacts are located at the right front and right rear wheel brakes.
  • After the entire ESP assembly or the ESP control unit has been replaced, the "initial startup routine" must be carried out using DAS.
  • If two or more lines were detached from the ESP hydraulic unit, then a subsequent "check for wrong connections" must be performed using DAS.
  • The "initial startup routine" must be carried out using DAS after the "yaw rate, lateral and longitudinal acceleration sensor" component has been replaced.
  • When bleeding the brake system, the brake pedal must be operated during the entire procedure (pumping).

    The bleed screw can remain open during this time.

  • When changing the brake fluid, "pumping" is not necessary.

Mercedes Benz C-Class. Brake System

Integrated into the standard installation "ESP brake", which is controlled via the ESP control unit and the ESP hydraulic unit that is connected directly to it, are the following functions:

Base functions: ABS, ASR, ETS, ESP, BAS

Assist functions: Cruise control, tire pressure loss warner

Added-value functions: Hill Start Assist, trailer stabilization, dry braking, precharging, AIR Gap, PRE-SAFE-MASTER, adaptive brake lights

Parking brake

The vehicles in model series W204 are equipped with a mechanical parking brake.

A spring is integrated into the parking brake pedal.

This compensates for any "cable slack".


  1. Parking brake pedal assembly
  2. Electrical connectors
  3. Trigger cable
  4. Retaining tab
  5. Front brake cable
  6. Disconnection point
  7. Screws
  8. Retaining clip
  9. Parking brake pedal

    S12  Parking brake indicator switch

Mercedes Benz C-Class. Brake System

Information for Service

  • The parking brake is maintenance-free and does not require adjustment.
  • For work on the parking brake, use the following special tool to disconnect the cables: W204 589 00 16 00.
  • The basic setting of the parking brake takes place "at the wheel brake" using knurled screws.
    Rear Axle


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